Netflix launched its updated Xbox 360 app a couple of weeks back, and it came with a ‘Just for Kids’ section aimed at under-12s. This brought it into line with the app as it was on other platforms such as the PS3.

Well, it seems that the update went one step beyond this, as it also included a ‘People Search’ feature, which lets viewers search for content using actors and directors names.

For example, you can start typing a few letters from the beginning of a name, and you’ll see results for TV shows and films as usual, and also key people. You can then browse for material by individuals accordingly:

You can then click on the individual in question and see all their available work. This feature is already available on the Netflix website and the PS3, so it’s not a huge surprise to see it land on the 360. The ‘People Search’ feature will arrive on other platforms in the future.

Netflix also announced a new ‘post-play’ feature last week, making it easier for users to watch several movies or TV episodes in a row. In practical terms, the ‘post-play’ experience lets users minimize credits and fast forward to the next episode.