Netflix’s Xbox 360 app just got an update, the film and TV streaming company announced minutes ago on its blog. As part of its new version, users can now log in via a single sign-on.

In practical terms, this means that it will now be easier to access your Netflix content on an Xbox 360, even if the games console is not yours – all you have to do is to log in with your Xbox LIVE credentials.

The app also offers improvements for non-US users, with Netflix rolling out its Facebook integration across Latin America, Canada, the UK and Ireland. If you are based in one of these regions, you will now be able to see what your Facebook friends have watched and rated on Netflix. However, the company insists that you will be in control of what you are sharing (or not).

According to the company, the UI itself also includes additional features, such as Skip Forward, Skip Back and Zoom functions during play. If Netflix is to be believed, the image quality has also improved thanks to better color contrast.

If you own an Xbox and are already using Netflix’s app, you will automatically receive the update the next time you access it. If not, you can also download it from the Xbox LIVE Apps Marketplace.

Have you tried the new app? Share your impressions in the comments.