The URL now automatically redirects to, Domain Name Wire reports, raising suspicions that the streaming and DVD rental company may have bought this coveted address.

However, Netflix hasn’t made any official announcement yet, and a whois lookup for the domain doesn’t clearly reveal its owner’s name:

Still, Domain Name Wire picked up subtle clues supporting this possible purchase, such as the fact that the nameservers have recently “changed from to ULTRADNS.NET, the same DNS provider Netflix uses.”

According to the site, the presence of whois proxy DNSTinations also points in the same direction, as Netflix has previously worked with a related brand protection company called Mark Monitor.

If the information was to be confirmed, it would be interesting to know how much sold for; as you can imagine, this kind of domains don’t usually come cheap, though we may never know the exact sale price.

One thing is for sure: is a much better name than Qwikster. As you may remember, this was the brand that Netflix was planning to use for its DVD-only spin-off before criticism made it back down.

Update: Netflix has now confirmed the domain purchase, TechCrunch reports.