In an attempt to boost the impact of its Kindle brand in Europe, Amazon has launched localised versions of its Kindle Store in Spain and Italy, also releasing Italian and Spanish language Kindle devices to consumers.

The new Kindle Stores will see 22,000 Spanish-language books made available to customers, including regional titles that are written in Catalan, Basque and Galician, adding to the 900,000 books that are already available to Kindle owners worldwide. Italian readers will see 16,000 Italian-language added to their Kindle devices and the Amazon website.

Customers in both countries will be able to pick up a new localised Kindle for €99, following the recent launch of a localised store and Kindle in France in October.

The world’s largest retailer hasn’t finished there either, it has also launched its self-publishing platform for authors in both countries using the company’s Kindle Direct Publishing service. Authors are able to submit their work and enjoy a 70% cut of royalties on their submissions – bypassing traditional publishers in the process.

Customers can read more about the Kindle on both the Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy Kindle pages.