Netflix brings ‘Just for Kids’ section to the Nintendo Wii

Netflix brings ‘Just for Kids’ section to the Nintendo Wii

Netflix introduced its ‘Just for Kids’ section to its Nintendo Wii app so that parents can set their children up with kid-friendly content more easily, the company announced in a blog post on Tuesday.

The ‘Just for Kids’ section has been available on Netflix’s website for a while now, but having it available on your Wii, which is already hooked up to a TV, makes it much easier to get to.

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The navigation has also received an overhaul, with better browsing, simpler plot descriptions and improved search. The section contains movies and TV shows aimed at kids aged 12 and under, and will be coming to other platforms next year.

The one thing still missing, however, is parental controls. We would welcome the ability to set the app up so that it is easier for kids to get to the new section and harder for them to get to others more geared towards adults. One thing at a time, we guess.

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