All News International website are now offline after the rampant attacks by hacking group Lulzsec. Websites for The Sun, The Times and News International are all inaccessible after the hacking spree.

What began with the redirection of The Sun’s homepage to a false report of Rupert Murdoch’s death has resulted in News International seemingly being forced to shut down its servers after being unable to handle the relentless attacks from the group.

A Twitter account from a member of the Anonymous group, who have been working closely with Lulzsec, confirms the servers have been shut down.

As further proof, DNS lookups for every News International site reveals a server failure.

Update: The servers for all News International websites appear to be back up and running although access to the sites is limited as it will take some time for the DNS to propagate.

More to follow, please refresh for updates.
Thanks to Craig Reville for his help with monitoring updates.