It’s no secret that it’s easier than ever to launch a new service or product, especially if it’s web-based. When deciding on a URL, why not bolster the international economy by purchasing a .io (British Indian Ocean), a .to (Tonga), or a .ly (Libya)? For some inspiration — here are 10 startups you’ve definitely never heard of …as they don’t yet exist.

surprise adoption cat cat adoption lolcat demotivational poster 1220655060 294x300 10 Start Ups Youve Definitely Never Heard Of1. > Aggregates pictures and videos of people surprising the crap out of their friends or pets. Enjoy.

2. > Tired of shredding your own documents? Suffer no longer… with you can upload any document to a secure server, and it will be printed, shredded, and mailed back to you!

3. > All the answers to those easy questions you we’re too embarrassed to go on record looking up elsewhere — plus a random self-esteem boosting line of encouragement to balance out the hit you took from having to ask in the first place.

4. > Who needs a dislike button? With, you’ll be able to aggregate what you DON’T like on Facebook based on everything you DON’T already like.

5. > The premier incubator for incubators, focused exclusively on incubating incubation methods.

6. > A fake check-in application to throw off your Geo-stalkers (or maintain your social status).

7. > A Firefox plug-in to filter out the 80% of Chatroulette you don’t want to see. Spin-off site aggregating the aforementioned filtered content expected in 2011.

hanging puppies 300x241 10 Start Ups Youve Definitely Never Heard Of8. > Nothing more than pictures of freakin’ puppies. What else do you want?

9. > Activates your web cam upon launch, and using facial recognition it will replace your hair with something more Justin Bieber-esque while you sing.

10. > The secondary market for auctioning off failed .ly startups

Did we miss one? Post your best ideas below, and one of them just might come to life…

isllogo 300x53 10 Start Ups Youve Definitely Never Heard Of