david and goliath sumos2 262x300 Lebanese Government to Ban VoIP. Or Can They?I was reading my daily blogs this morning when I came across a brilliant illustration by Maya Zankoul describing alternatives to using Skype in Lebanon in the case the government bans it there, but that’s not gonna happen.

In a massive online and offline civil society movement that began exactly a week ago, some leading technology blogs started promoting a call to “stop the new internet law in Lebanon” which included clauses such as banning all VoIP (Voice over IP) services.

efforts Lebanese Government to Ban VoIP. Or Can They?

The list is very long where this is happening in the Middle East, starting from Morocco in the far West, to Oman in the far East and we’ve covered a lot of it. But we haven’t covered a situation where the people have actually been able to make a difference, Lebanon begs to differ.

Apparently in less than a week of the initiative the online citizens of Lebanon were able to stop putting the law into implementation for a month. The law has been sent back to the committee for revision and will be voted on in 30 days, enter opportunity.

If this law is changed to what the Lebanese people can work with, they will have set the bar for the rest of the region, proving with the right action, anything can be accomplished.

Can the Lebanese Do What No Arab Has Done Before?