Foursquare just posted a set of impressive Superbowl XLV related stats. Last Sunday, Foursquare posted over 200,000 Super Bowl Sunday check-ins from parties around the world.

In four hours it became Foursquare’s most checked into venue ever and the largest online check-in event of all time.

And just like in real life, the Packers won. Packers fans outnumbered their Steelers counterparts. In fact, at no minute during the game was Steeler Nation stronger.

Perhaps most impressive, fans from all 50 states checked in on Foursquare, and 125 countries, including 13 check-ins from the Vatican, proving that the world has embraced American Football (outside of Williamsburg, Brooklyn that is).

In light of all the action, Foursquare’s ‘trending’ server fumbled a bit trying to catch the overwhelming traffic.