Gowalla has teamed up with the Sundance Film Festival to offer custom Stamps, Pins and special check-in activiated prizes for the festival in January 2011.

As it does with many (if not all) of its special event promotions Gowalla will put together a Trip for festival-goers. Users that go on the Trip can earn Pins, some of which can be redeemed for prizes or VIP access to events and parties (this is Hollywood – kinda – after all).

Festivals, conferences, and really any large and distributed event are ideal uses for check-in apps (the check-in ‘craze’ started during SXSW after all), and Sundance should be no exception. It’s also a good win for Gowalla, which just released version 3.0 of its app, integrating Foursquare and Facebook check-ins among other changes.

That said, probably the most exciting part of this partnership comes from a third partner – Southwest Airlines. Southwest will fly twenty lucky winners to Park City / Salt Lake City for the festival. To get a chance to win, all you need to do is check-in on Gowalla at an airport that has direct flights to Salt Lake City (SLC) between December 8-31. We’re assuming that you’ll find out if you’ve won right when you check-in, but that wasn’t 100% clear from the press release. At any rate, if you’re keen on going to Sundance and are travelling this holiday season, certainly don’t forget to check-in!