Videolog partners with OvermediaCast, brings social analytics to Brazilian video producers

Videolog partners with OvermediaCast, brings social analytics to Brazilian video producers

Video analytics platform OvermediaCast has closed a partnership with video portal, the Brazilian startup announced today.

Following the agreement, Videolog鈥檚 800,000 publishers will get access to a stats dashboard about the videos they are sharing 鈥 and automatically convert into users of OvermediaCast鈥檚 free analytics plan, with the option to upgrade to paid plans.

As you may know, Videolog is a Brazilian video portal that is similar to YouTube 鈥 except it was born in May 2004, slightly earlier than its US counterpart. Not only is it not a copycat, but its co-founder Edson Mackeenzy has become a role model for the Brazilian startup scene.

Mackeenzy and his co-founder Ariel Alexandre first met OvermediaCast鈥檚 team at a startup event two years ago. OvermediaCast then pivoted and went on to participate in CIETEC鈥榮 incubator and Startup Farm鈥榮 acceleration program. In the meantime, it had received an email from Mackeenzy asking for private beta access, OvermediaCast鈥檚 CEO Daniel Uch么a tells us.

鈥淔rom then on, we established a friendly and trustful relationship. We finally closed the deal last August in Macei贸 during the DemoDay Alagoas event, which is organized by a common friend, Jo茫o Kepler.鈥

The reason why the partnership was only unveiled today is simple: OvermediaCast needed to make large-scale tests to ensure that its platform could handle the extra load and analyze millions of simultaneous views. 鈥淚n less than a month, we monitored over 5 million visits without a glitch,鈥 co-founder and CTO Rafael Uch么a says.

A dashboard for publishers

From the end users鈥 perspective, OvermediaCast鈥檚 free plan includes metrics aimed at helping them grow their audience, while evaluating the efficiency of the videos they share.

Its key feature is called 鈥淥ne Click Video Promotion鈥 and focuses on boosting engagement and views across multiple channels 鈥 in addition to Videolog鈥檚 Web platform, it also takes into account videos that are played in a different context, for instance via embeds, email sharing and mobile apps.

As OvermediaCast has a freemium model, Videolog will receive a share of the revenues it makes from publishers who will convert to premium options, which include features such as lead capture and sales optimization.

Mutual benefits

Videolog is a very important partner for OvermediaCast and a good fit for its strategy as Uch么a notes:

鈥淭his partnership is a crucial part of our traction strategy. Videolog鈥檚 audience is equivalent to 6% of the Brazilian Internet 鈥 around 1/16 of YouTube volume in Brazil. As YouTube鈥檚 positioning has clearly changed, and is increasingly focused on professional content producers, Videolog is more than ever the home of independent producers (鈥). OvermediaCast delivers them the data and tools they need to grow their audience on their own and measure the efficiency of their actions.鈥

According to Videolog鈥檚 marketing director, F谩bio Lima, it also represents a valuable addition to the platform:

鈥淲e believe that with OvermediaCast鈥檚 tool, our publishers will be able to understand more easily the profile of their audience, and get qualitative and quantitative data on people who are watching the content they produce. Videolog already did monitor these stats internally, but this partnership will boost our process and let us offer this feature to our users.鈥

It鈥檚 worth noting that this deal is only a start for OvermediaCast, which is looking for partnerships with other video sharing or streaming platforms around the world. According to Uch么a, the startup鈥檚 current top priority is Europe, where it is negotiating with several platforms, followed by Latin America and the US.

As for Videolog, it seems to be back on track with new projects. As yyou may remember, it was announced earlier this year that Videolog would be acquired by Brazilian content distribution network Samba Tech, but the deal ended up being called off, and the companies followed their own ways. 鈥淲e have major novelties planned for 2013, a new positioning and an even greater focus on developing a high-quality platform for video sharing,鈥 Lima promises.

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