Wii U owners begged for Spotify so Nintendo gave them Rhapsody

Wii U owners begged for Spotify so Nintendo gave them Rhapsody

Nintendo Wii U owners have long wished for a streaming option that Playstation and Xbox have had for some time, Spotify.

Well, you still won’t have Spotify, but Nintendo has at least given a passable option by announcing today that it was bringing Rhapsody, and its 30 million-plus song catalog to the Wii U.

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Those outside the US have had access to streaming music on the Wii U since last year, only through Rhapsody’s parent brand, Napster.

If you want to take advantage of the new streaming music option on the Wii U, you’ll need a Rhapsody subscription, which you can sign up for on the console by taking part in its 30-day trial after you download the app.

Once the trial is over, you’re stuck paying for a $9.99 a month Rhapsody subscription.

That’s not to say Rhapsody isn’t a great choice, but it lacks a free tier like Spotify, and smacks of Nintendo strong-arming Wii U users into yet another music streaming subscription — one they didn’t want to begin with.

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