Disqus takes its programmatic ‘Sponsored Comment’ ad platform global

Disqus takes its programmatic ‘Sponsored Comment’ ad platform global

Disqus has announced that it is making its programmatic ‘Sponsored Comment’ ad platform available globally from today, following the introduction of the new product back in April.

In a nutshell, the platform allows brands to place ads at the top of a Disqus comment section, targeted by over 1,000 discussion topics. It’s hoping that by using its footprint of more than 3 million websites, it will be able to provide brands with accurate semantic targeting based on both the content of a blog post and the comments, which sometimes branch off into other topics.

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Today’s announcement ushers in programmatic ad purchasing across all 3 million websites thanks to a partnership with Xaxis.

➀ Disqus Launches Global Programmatic Native Advertising [Disqus]

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