Even fast food needs to get on the digital bandwagon if it wants to reach a wider audience, and McDonald’s is clear about that. What’s interesting is that the Golden Arches has plans to step into digital music and an ambitious eye on e-commerce, as CNBC reports.

Job listings on McDonald’s reveal that the company is looking for a release manager for its e-commerce platform and global mobile ordering app. The company is also seeking a product director for music and entertainment, who will “establish multi-channel music and emerging entertainment programs to reward our most enthusiastic customers and drive frequency,” and a director for product management at the global digital team.

This comes as McDonald’s just named former Ticketmaster executive Julia Vander Ploeg as its first US vice-president of digital, who will report to the company’s chief digital officer, Amazon and Yahoo veteran Atif Ratiq, appointed last October.

McDonald’s plots music program, mobile ordering revamp [CNBC]

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