Vine is giving its popular six-second video-sharing app a huge update: A refined camera experience, better editing tools and the ability for users to import existing videos from their camera roll.

The option to bring in videos previously shot with a smartphone, or any other device for that matter, has been a huge differentiator for Instagram. For brands in particular, it’s much easier to shoot a video with a professional camera, apply edits with professional software and then add to a smartphone’s camera roll for the final upload. Now, that same workflow is possible in Vine.


“From the capture screen, you’ll see a new option in the bottom left corner that lets you import a video,” the team said in a blog post. “You can select one video or mix together several — and yes, slow-motion videos are supported.”

Video editing is also getting a big revamp. The preview screen will now feature a scissors icon for editing the final Vine; this will include new tools and capabilities, such as duplicating and muting clips.

From the camera interface, it’s also possible to quickly watch the last shot before deleting it – this should make reshooting clips and nailing the perfect transition far easier for new and pro Viners alike.


Long-time Vine users should appreciate the greatly improved capture tools too. A wrench icon visible on the camera screen hides a bunch of advanced features: a grid with a new level, a “ghost” mode for referencing previous shots, and a focus lock which, for the first time, also supports the front-facing camera. There’s even a “torch” option for shooting at night and low-light conditions.

The new features should arrive in the iOS app momentarily. Vine says Android users should “stay tuned” for a similar update in the Google Play store.

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