Stripe today updated its email receipts feature with a slew of improvements. The changelog below has all you need to know.

  • A new, customizable design: The design has been refreshed and now you can customize your receipts by specifying your own header color. The default will still be selected based on the colors in the logo you upload. You can try it out on the dashboard.
  • A receipt for every charge: You can now use the receipt_email parameter when creating a charge to send a receipt for that charge. Previously, receipts could only be sent to charges that belonged to a customer.
  • A receipt for every refund: Receipts are now available for all refunds. You can enable automatic refund receipts in your email settings.
  • Resend receipts: Receipts can now be sent (and resent) from the dashboard even after a transaction occurs. You can also see the history of receipts you’ve sent on the dashboard.

Stripe first introduced email receipts back in May 2013. This is a sizeable update, and looks like one that businesses will embrace rather quickly.

Image Credit: Thinkstock