Foursquare has outed a new expertise feature in the soon-to-launch revamped version of its location app.

Almost like playing a really mundane RPG, users will gain expertise on Foursquare by adding tips to venues. When others like and save your tips, you’ll gain extra points. Once you’ve leveled up, your tips will include a note that they come from an expert. Expertise can be earned for types of places, neighborhoods and cities.


Foursquare says expertise has been one of the most popular features during testing of the new version. While it does seem like an interesting alternative to points and badges, it’s also designed to get you producing more content on the platform as opposed to just checking in. I’m personally looking forward to becoming an expert in Donuts.

Last week, Foursquare revealed its new logo, which draws inspiration from superheroes, and more details about how the new app will work. Check-ins will move exclusively to the separate Swarm app, while the main Foursquare app will focus solely on local discovery.

Coming soon in the all-new Foursquare: Expertise