Pinterest has announced the acquisition of Icebergs, a service for organizing visual content in the cloud. As part of the deal, Icebergs will shut down on September 1, 2014.

Existing users of Icebergs can export their data to Dropbox or as a .json file ahead of the shutdown.

Icebergs founders César Isern and Albert Pereta noted that the service had grown to reach “hundreds of thousands” of creatives over the past year, but now at Pinterest, the team have the opportunity to reach tens of millions of users.

The deal is Pinterest’s fifth acquisition, following Punchfork, Livestar, Hackermeter, and Visual Graph.

Icebergs should fit in well at its new home. The product is close enough to Pinterest for there to be natural synergy, while its experience with team collaboration could help Pinterest target more professional use cases.

Icebergs is joining Pinterest