The likes of  Samsung, Google  and ARM have teamed together to form and develop Thread, an IP-based wireless networking protocol.

This follows the announcement of Open Interconnect Consortium, which too has been backed by major industry players to support the future of the Internet of Things.

The aim here is to hone on current networking technologies already available, with Thread allowing for product developers and consumers to connect up more than 250 devices to a mesh network that includes direct internet and cloud access.

However, Thread isn’t an application protocol or a connectivity platform; it’s a networking protocol that has been built upon open standards.

A current version of Thread is successfully being used by Nest product, and it offers product developers a number of advantages over other wireless standards. This includes banking-standard encryption capabilities and the ability to be easily downloaded on mobile devices.

Thread is looking to drum up further support and interest by offering up access to a membership platform consisting of contributors and sponsors.

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