Box getting Office 365 integration while business customers get unlimited data

Box getting Office 365 integration while business customers get unlimited data

Cloud-storage service Box is giving all business users unlimited storage and will introduce integration into Microsoft Office 2013 this fall. Now a businesses can give all its employees access to its Box account without worrying about hitting a data cap.

The removal of storage limits for business clients goes into effect today with new and current customers enjoying the new feature. Previously, Box’s enterprise customers were the only ones with unlimited storage.

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The company also announced integration with Microsoft Office 365. This fall, a beta of Outlook 2013 integration will be available with Office 365 integration available later on.

With Box integration, Outlook can quickly share links to files already stored on Box. Plus, users can upload and share a file via the could-storage service while composing an email.

Office suite users will be able to open, save, edit and share any file stored on Box’s cloud.

“This may seem like the escalation of a storage war, but we’re actually approaching the end of one,” says CEO Aaron Levie. With storage prices dropping by a “factor of more than 22,000” over the past two decades, services like Box, DropBox and Google Drive need to focus more on services than the amount of storage when it comes to business clients.

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