When an enormous Amazon locker showed up in San Francisco this week, many were curious about what was in the locker. Amazon has come out with it: the locker houses a Nissan Rogue that customers can win.

The stunt is part of an advertising campaign that Amazon has inked with Nissan. If you visit the locker, which is located at Justin Herman Plaza, you can win a code by posting to social media with the #GiantLocker hashtag. Nissan representatives will then give you the code to a door on the locker. One lucky winner will take home the car, while other boxes include smaller prizes like an Amazon MP3 download.

Last year, Amazon delivered a Nissan Versa Note in a car-sized box as part of another campaign with the automaker.

If you’ve gone by the #GiantLocker and won a prize, let us know what it was in the comments below.

Amazon’s normal-sized Locker service offers self-service package pickup at locations around Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia, New York, and Austin, as well as parts of Virginia, Delaware and New Jersey.

Photo credit: Amazon