In the wake of the discovery of the Heartbleed security issue, popular password-management software 1Password is now available for half price for Mac, Windows and iOS.

1Password 4 for Mac and 1Password for Windows can be yours for upwards of $24.99, while the iOS app is available for $8.99. Knox for Mac is down to $17.49, while a 1Password Mac + Windows Bundle is priced at $34.99. (Details of all of the deals can be found here.)

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Agile Bits, the company behind 1Password, is making the move to help more Internet users take better care of their online presence. As well as storing passwords, software like 1Password generates longer, more sophisticated passwords to help reduce the chance of users being hacked or using the same one for multiple services.

1Password is by no means the only option out there, you can assess the alternatives in our round-up: 10 of the best multi-platform password managers for iOS, Android and the desktop.

Thumbnail image via PureSolution / Shutterstock