Multi-platform advertising company Brainient has today released an update and rebrand of its BrainRolls interactive video platform, revamping its dashboard to allow users to more easily monitor and tweak campaigns.

The move comes five years after its first launch, as it seeks to establish itself as a more mature company, but one that retains the ethos of a startup.

“We’ve been through an exciting stage of growth and change, and after five years we felt we needed to develop our brand, while maintaining the friendly tone and nature of a startup company,” Emi Gal, CEO and founder of Brainient, said. “We’ve had fantastic feedback from our clients on the updated features and we are in a great position to expand the company further across Europe and Asia,” he added.


As well as making an easier to use dashboard, the platform also now includes account analytics for tracking campaign performance and automated suggestions that advise users on how to optimize the performance of a campaign.

There are a bunch of other new features too, like multi-sized previews of interactive video campaigns (to check how it will look on different devices), an asset library for keeping track of items, and the option to add external tracking pixels to the video as a whole or custom events within the interactive video unit.

Featured Image Credit – Shutterstock