Amazon-LogoLast year, Amazon Web Services unveiled a new service, AppStream, which would run high-resource apps including “3D games and interactive HD applications” from the cloud.

Now Amazon is opening up AppStream to all developers (via VentureBeat). In an announcement today, Amazon says interested developers can use AppStream to build complex apps that run from simple devices, as they won’t be constrained by the compute power, storage or graphical rendering capabilities of the devices. This means developers can take advantage of a feature, known as the g2 instance type, to develop fast, 3D apps that run in the cloud and deliver high performance 3D graphics to mobile devices, TV sets, and desktop computers, Amazon says.

Furthermore, with the app running in the cloud, developers can easily scale as needed — to support additional device types, they just need to create new client codes. AppStream now supports streaming to FireOS, Android, iOS and Windows devices, as well as a newly-introduced Mac OS X SDK to enable the development of clients that run on the Mac.

Thumbnail image via Spencer Platt/Getty Images