Bitcoin is going through another significant dip after the CEO of Mt. Gox, a controversial Bitcoin currency exchange service, stepped down from the Bitcoin Foundation, the committee that oversees management of the virtual currency.

A blog post from the foundation — noted by CoinDesk — reveals that Mark Karpeles has resigned from his board seat, but doesn’t give a reason for his departure. The exit is likely due to ongoing technical issues that have hit Mt. Gox particular hard over the past month — during which time it completely froze withdrawals, sending prices on the exchange crashing as customers worried about the future of Bitcoins stored in Mt. Gox.

Regardless of the specifics of his exit, Karpeles’ resignation appears to have increased concern among Mt. Gox users. Prices on the exchange — which are lower than others due to a range of user concerns — had actually jumped this weekend, but dropped again during morning time in Asia following the news.


That slump has affected other exchanges, and pushed the price of Bitcoin down to $574.

Here’s Bitstamp:


And BTC-E:


Charts via, image via Zack Copley / Flickr