YahooYahoo has introduced a unified marketplace for advertisers to deal with mobile search and native advertising in the same place, as it seeks to boost its revenue stream. Native advertising is basically sponsored content — the ads may be clearly marked, but they look and act like other stories on a page.

The marketplace, Yahoo Gemini, will let advertisers buy, manage and optimize their mobile search and native ad spend on a single platform. It is available through Yahoo’s existing self-service buying platform, Yahoo Ad Manager.

Yahoo has been brushing up on its ad offerings to simplify the buying process and in turn, appeal to advertisers. Last month, Yahoo launched a unified advertising solution to make it more efficient for agencies and media buyers. The refreshed platform combines display and premium ads with native and search placements in a manner that Yahoo said its business customers would find “friendlier”.

Introducing Yahoo Gemini [Blog Post]

Image via Graham Hills/Flickr