The Currency Cloud‘s payments service is set to undergo a significant revamp from today, with a new look and feel being outed alongside new streamlined payment integration and other features.

The platform is showing off its new UI – which also now includes a customizable dashboard – and Cash manager and TCC Direct features (both of which are currently in beta) at Finovate Europe in London.

Where The Currency Cloud differs from other payment services is that it provides the infrastructure to facility other businesses’ online payments. So its customers are companies like other payments firms, banks or e-commerce providers.


With the new features, the company says that its customers can now manage balances in multiple currencies, ultimately reducing the time their own customers have to wait for cash to be processed.

In addition to making its UI, branding and website a bit prettier and bolstering the feature set, the company also announced that it’s opening up its API in a bid to get new integrations up and running in less than a month. The Currency Cloud will be opening a developer center in March to ensure that customers have the tools and support required for making best use of that fresh new API.

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