bitcoin-cropPopular US financial planning company Mint has given Bitcoin a little more legitimacy after it partnered with Coinbase to add support for the virtual currency to its service.

Now Mint’s 10 million-plus users can keep tabs on their Bitcoin stash, alongside their existing credit cards, bank accounts and investments. The service converts holdings into US dollars to keep things simple amid the changing price of Bitcoin.

Mint’s Vince Maniago told Venture Beat that Bitcoin’s mainstream appeal has developed to the point that “we felt like it was something we couldn’t ignore anymore.” That’s a line that we’re starting to hear regularly, with the likes of Zynga, Overstock and TigerDirect all adopting the cryptocurrency in the past month.

➤ Mint integrates with Coinbase, so you can track bitcoin with the rest of your finances [Venture Beat]

Image via Antana / Flickr