Reddit’s 2013 stats: 56 billion page views, 731 million unique visitors, and over 40 million posts

Reddit’s 2013 stats: 56 billion page views, 731 million unique visitors, and over 40 million posts ...

Reddit today announced that in 2013 it served an impressive 56 billion page views and 731 million unique visitors. The company also shared that it saw 40.855 million posts, received 404.6 million comments, and enjoyed over 6.7 billion total votes during the past year.

If we compare that to last year’s numbers, we see that Reddit has seen a 51.35 percent increase in page views, an 82.75 percent jump in unique visitors, a 36.18 percent gain in posts, and a 67.5 rise in total votes.

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Here is the full list of released stats for 2013:

  • 56 billion pageviews.
  • 731 million Unique Visitors.
  • An Average Visit Duration of 15 min 55 sec.
  • 40,855,032 posts.
  • 3,676,091,578 comment votes.
  • 3,037,413,635 link votes.
  • 6.7 billion total votes.

Reddit also revealed that the top 10 countries by unique visitors were as follows: the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, and Brazil. That being said, Canada led by percentage of unique visitors compared to overall country population, and Luxembourg led the list of countries by average visit duration.

The top 10 posts of 2013 by total pageviews were as follows:

  1. What gif reduces you to hysterical laughter every time(/r/AskReddit) -3,609,689 pageviews.
  2. Live Update of Boston Bombing Situation (Thread 1)(/r/News) -3,170,616 pageviews.
  3. What is one picture that will never fail to make you laugh(/r/AskReddit) -3,111,371 pageviews.
  4. I’m Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation AMA(/r/IAmA) -3,008,180 pageviews.
  5. People of Reddit with “Ugly Duckling Syndrome:” What are your best before and after puberty photos (/r/AskReddit) -2,854,047 pageviews.
  6. What photo leaves you speechless (/r/AskReddit) -2,664,021 pageviews.
  7. IAmArnold… Ask me anything (/r/IAmA) -2,659,018 pageviews.
  8. Live Update of Boston Bombing Situation (Thread 7) (/r/News) -2,604,556 pageviews.
  9. Live Update of Boston Bombing Situation (Thread 4) (/r/News) -2,580,359 pageviews.
  10. Live Update of Boston Bombing Situation (Thread 5) (/r/News) -2,551,753 pageviews.

It’s easy to see Reddit is still doing very well as a source for breaking news and for getting answers to questions from its massive community. Next year, we wouldn’t be surprised if the site passd the 1 billion unique visitor mark.

Top Image Credit: Eastop

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