Amazon continues to target upcoming scriptwriters, directors and filmmakers with Amazon Storybuilder, a new screenwriting tool that lets you jot down ideas with virtual post-it notes and a corkboard.

Currently in beta, Storybuilder is a pretty bare bones product for now, with only a couple of different templates for various narrative structures. The homepage shows all of your notes in a vertical hierarchy, with the option to separate them into different groups running left to right.


A double-click will bring up the relevant notecard, in addition to any attached notes – outlined in yellow – and images underneath. Horizontal arrows let you move forward and backwards between cards, and it offers a standard drag-and-drop interface for deleting items.

Amazon Storybuilder is free to use and follows the release of Amazon Storyteller last June, which converts scripts into dynamic, professional storyboards.

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Image Credit: JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images