Amazon Web Services announced on Wednesday at its AWS re:Invent conference a new service, AppStream, that will run high-resource apps, such as “3D games and interactive HD applications,” from the cloud.

At launch, AppStream will support streaming to FireOS, Android, iOS and Windows devices. AWS also noted that a Mac OS X SDK is scheduled to arrive next year.

By leveraging the cloud, AppStream will make it possible for users to run resource intensive applications on low-performance hardware.  According to Amazon, the advantages to using AppStream include: not having to deal with computing and storage constraints, reduced development time, instant-on access without having to download and install the app and simplified software updates.

Also on Wednesday, AWS announced a new Amazon WorkSpaces for creating virtual desktops on other devices. Earlier this month, AWS announced a new Elastic Compute Cloud instance designed for 3D graphics capabilities.

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Image Credit: LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images