Kim Dotcom’s Mega, the cloud storage service based in New Zealand, is coming to iOS any day now; Dotcom says his company submitted the app yesterday to Apple’s App Store for approval. At the same time, the entrepreneur announced a Sync client is coming for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The news came in the form of a trio of tweets from Dotcom, who also noted the Mega website is getting some performance improvements. Here are his exact words:

Back in July, Mega acquired and relaunched a free Android app. At the time, the company also revealed an iOS app and Windows sync client were “in the final stages of development.”

Clearly the iOS app still needed some extra work, as we’re now in November. As for the Sync client, it looks like Dotcom is eager to release for Mac and Linux, in addition to Windows.

Unfortunately, details on Mega Sync, as Dotcom refers to it, are still unknown. Given the direction that Mega is going in, we’re assuming it will work similarly to Dropbox, though some may end up using it as an alternative to Google Drive and SkyDrive as well.

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Top Image Credit: flippnjj