Refining the perfect user experience for an iOS app can be tricky. As a developer you already know how the various menus and buttons should behave, so it’s always important to get some raw feedback from new users.

Lookback is a new tool that lets you record and collect user experiences without any additional hardware solutions. Just integrate the SDK and send out the custom version of the app to testers with a tool such as Lookback. Anyone trialling the app can then use a simplistic interface designed by Lookback to decide when to start and stop recording their in-app experience. Once they’re finished, the data is uploaded to the Lookback website, where you can review and analyze it at anytime.

(Take a look at an example recording here.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 16.15.43

Each recording shows exactly what they did in the app, alongside a video (with corresponding audio) of the front-facing camera. So if a tester is getting a little frustrated or confused, you’ll instantly be able to recognize which areas of the app need some work.

The service is in beta and free to try out at the moment – firms such as Spotify, Yammer and iZettle have already adopted it, so it’s almost certainly worth checking out. A small caveat from Lookout’s website though: “Lookback is designed for testing with informed users only. You are not allowed to submit a Lookback-integrated app to the App Store.”

Happy testing.

Image Credit: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images