Most of the major e-commerce sites give you the option to send your order as a gift to another person. To help smaller merchants and the rest of the Web capitalize on this thoughtful form of online shopping, Amsterdam-based is today launching an embeddable button.

The idea is that you embed it onto a product listing, blog, review or advert – anywhere on the Web really that you might find a potential customer. Interested shoppers then hit the link and select the friend they would like to gift it to via their chosen social network.


Payment is authorized through PayPal and the recipient is notified of the gift through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. They can then pick their shipping address, as well as the size or color, thereby ensuring that the receiver gets exactly what they want. has already developed plugins for a number of the big e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Big Cartel and Shopify; the embeddable button launching today isn’t a unique idea by any means, but if it’s easy enough to setup and use, who knows – it might just catch on.

Image Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images