One more variation of the new Yahoo logo, from the company’s design intern

One more variation of the new Yahoo logo, from the company’s design intern

It’s been a week of logos. Well, more specifically Yahoo logos. The company ended its 30-day period of showcasing designs to finally unveil its new logo — while companies like 99designsSurvata and DesignCrowd jumped on the wagon offering opinion and crowdsourced alternatives.

Here’s another to add to the pile. Yeah, we know it’s close to overload already, but this one is worth it since it comes from someone on Yahoo’s design roster: intern Max Ma, who was part of the redesign team.

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Update: It looks like Ma’s personal site has been taken offline and the video has also been pulled.

Ma presents the following logo on his personal site, as Business Insider first spotted:

max ma logo

As this video shows, the idea is that the badge can be used in addition to the name, making it a more versatile branding option.

You’ll also note that there’s no exclamation mark — something that CEO Marissa Mayer vowed to retain during the redesign.

Here’s how that compares to the logo that Yahoo unveiled on Wednesday evening (US time), which has been widely criticized:

yahoo new logo

➤ Another idea of the Yahoo logo [Max Ma] | Via Business Insider

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Images via Max Ma and Yahoo

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