Image recognition service IQ Engines has been acquired by Yahoo. As part of the deal, the service has closed its sign-ups and will shut down its API in the next 30 days. Yahoo intends to put its latest acquisition to work helping bolster its Flickr team.

First reported by TechCrunch, the company specializes in helping tag and organize photos. It has produced Glow, an image recognition platform that will help tell you what’s a scene, object, landmark, text, and person in any photo, and can be used on both mobile and Web applications — something that would be incredibly useful to Flickr.

The acquisition is just the latest in Yahoo’s string of companies it has rapidly been adding to its portfolio, including Tumblr, Rockmelt, Qwiki, Bignoggins, GoPollGo, Astrid, and Summly.

IQ Engines

Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images