Cloud storage service Dropbox has revealed a nice little easter egg that is gives users 1GB of additional space for free. All that’s required to take advantage of this offer is to link your Mailbox account with Dropbox.

We’re told that once Mailbox’s iOS app is installed, just go to the Settings menu, tap on “Dropbox”, add your account information, and voilà! you now have more space to store photos, files, music, and movies. Don’t worry if you’ve already connected the two services together — just unlink them and reconnect again to pick up the 1GB.

If you think this is a promotional offer, then you’re mistaken — according to Dropbox. No app updates are needed. Mailbox, if you might recall, is the email service that Dropbox acquired in March.

With this easter egg, users could potentially accrue up to 21GB of free storage space (accounting for all the referrals, linking to Twitter and Facebook, and so on).

Photo credit: Thinkstock