Mobile data analytics firm Flurry has broken down the personas and types of people that spend most of their time on either the iPhone or the iPad. The results aren’t too surprising, but do help to reaffirm the emerging stereotypes often associated with each device.

Health and fitness enthusiasts sided overwhelmingly with the iPhone, with a near 90 percent to 10 percent split in device usage. Given that it’s pretty difficult to run with an iPad…go figure. Photography and video enthusiasts, as well as music lovers also ranked highly in the smartphone camp.

Small business owners were overwhelmingly in favor of Apple’s slate though – it’s an effective way of engaging with customers who want to place an order in-store – as were home design enthusiasts, moms and pet owners.

There’s a lot to cover though, so best check out the full graph for yourself:


The Who, What, and When of iPhone and iPad Usage

Image Credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images