Evernote has announced the six finalists in its 2013 Dev Cup competition where the winners will have an opportunity to participate in the company’s first accelerator program.

Here are the six Dev Cup finalists:

  • biscuit (South Korea): a mobile dictionary app that translates words across several different languages
  • Context Booster (Germany): an intelligent assistant app for your Evernote experience
  • Lightly (Hong Kong): a clipping service that lets you take content from the Web and add it to your Evernote account
  • Postach.io (Canada): a publishing application that lets users blog directly from Evernote
  • SmartTM (Poland): an app that helps set up reminders to organize your work better
  • Xing (Taiwan): a mobile client for travelers

Each company will square off in a competition at Evernote’s Developer Conference in September where a select few will be invited to further develop their idea at Evernote’s accelerator. There, they will spend time working on marketing, product design, and business development. The chosen startups will be tutored by experts at Evernote and also Honda Silicon Valley Labs and DoCoMo Innovation Ventures.

Photo credit: LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images