Coinbase now lets you send, buy or sell Bitcoin via SMS

Coinbase now lets you send, buy or sell Bitcoin via SMS

Coinbase, the one-year old Bitcoin startup that landed a $5 million investment earlier this year, is opening its virtual currency banking system up to the masses after introducing SMS-based actions.

The new feature allows anyone on any kind of mobile device to use all the features of the service. After verifying their number and setting up a PIN, users simply send a text using one of the set shortcodes. Transactions that affect account balance — send, buy and sell — are confirmed by a voice call during which the customer is prompted to key in their PIN.

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Coinbase says that, in addition to making its processes more simple, SMS commands open it up to those in emerging markets, many of “who can benefit from Bitcoin the most”.

➀ You can now perform all basic actions in Bitcoin through SMS [Coinbase]

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