Update: Foursquare says that its Time Machine is temporarily down due to all the traffic it is receiving.

Foursquare has just launched the Foursquare Time Machine, a neat tool which lets you visualize all of your past check-ins, starting from your very first.

If you’re interested in seeing a nostalgic look at where you’ve been and where Foursquare recommends you go next, head over to the site and see it for yourself. After watching all of your check-ins unfold, Foursquare generates an infographic (for example, you can see mine here).

The tool, which is heavily sponsored by Samsung, follows past visualizations from Foursquare, including the pulse video released in March that showcased the rapid pace of life in NYC and Tokyo.

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 10.54.33 AM

While the Samsung angle is surely pitchy — the site recommends the Next Big Thing(s)™® in your city, and of course they’re “already here” — the impressive visualizations make it worth a look.

➤ Foursquare Time Machine

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Image credit: ROBYN BECK / Getty Images