Bitcoin has captured the attention and imagination of the tech community at large over the past few years and its momentum shows no sign of slowing. Still, we’re a long way from mainstream banks and national governments endorsing this decentralized, electronic currency.

Will Bitcoin ever break out from its niche audience? Can it really be trusted? Does its fluctuating value make it risky for businesses? These were some of the questions I put to a panel of experts onstage at the LeWeb London conference last week. If you missed it, here’s a chance to catch up.

Tony Gallippi is co-founder and CEO of BitPay; Shakil Khan is Head of Special Projects at Spotify, founder of Bitcoin news site CoinDesk and an investor in BitPay; and Roger Ver is an investor in Bitcoin-related startups (he’s also the most enthusiastic advocate for the currency that I’ve ever encountered).

At the end of the session, I gave five minutes to audience questions (normally enough for a panel discussion) but I wish I’d given a lot longer, as there were so many people with raised hands that we just couldn’t get to before the time ran out.

Header image credit: Kmeron / LeWeb / Flickr