Facebook has announced a new initiative to greatly simplify its advertising products, which will result in half of its ad units shuttered by the end of this year. The core of this plan stems from the feedback Facebook received from marketers, which helped the company realize that its ad products were too complicated and redundant.

While Facebook calls this “an ongoing effort,” the company says more than 13 ad units will be terminated over the next six months. The company shared a surprisingly clear timeline with readers of its blog.

Before the end of June, Facebook shares that it will be making ads look more consistent, reducing the number of ad formats and making the ad creation process simpler for advertisers seeking to run multiple campaigns or trying to test out which ad creative performs the best.

“We want to have a more consistent visual display of our ads across all marketer objectives and Facebook placements,” the company said on its blog post.

In July, Facebook says it will “eliminate redundancies” like the questions product for pages and the online offer product, both of which Facebook says were less effective than standard post and post link ads.

This fall, Facebook shares that it will ” automatically add social context to boost performance” in ads, instead of requiring marketers to purchase sponsored stories in addition to ads.

Facebook has also just released an inside look at its Entity Graph, which we covered here.

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images