Gumroad, the e-commerce solution that lets anyone sell what they want without setting up a storefront, is launching a payment service for streaming video. The company is releasing the service today, starting with its first theater-run feature film, “Serial Buddies” produced by American actress Maria Menounos.

Started by Sahil Lavingia, to date, Gumroad has focus on allowing people to download or purchase items for consumption at a later time, now, it is expanding to streaming videos on any device.

Companies that are interested in using the service will need to have a Gumroad account. Once a product page has been set up, one check of the box labeled ‘streaming’ completes the process. The company says that customers will now be able to stream their unique link as many times as they want and will receive an email with the link and their receipt.

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When a movie or video is streamed, viewers will not be able to download the file unless enabled by the creator. The company supports MP4 files.

This service is beginning today with the launch of “Serial Buddies”, a comedy movie where four friends embark on a road trip in what some describe as a combination of “Dexter” and “Dumb and Dumber”. The movie starrs Artie Lange, Beth Behrs, Christopher Lloyd, Henry Winkler, Kathie Lee Gifford, and others.

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Photo credit: Arif Ali/AFP/Getty Images