GFI Software today announced that it has acquired Amsterdam, the Netherlands-based online backup software company IASO to get its hands on the latter firm’s technology.

Financial terms or other deals of the deal were not shared.

IASO provides cloud-based solutions to customers in need of backup and recovery systems for their digital assets that work across all of major computing platforms.

The Dutch company delivers its software solutions worldwide through a network of more than 600 direct international partners and resellers.

GFI Software was a licensee of IASO’s software solution.

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“We have been using IASO’s technology in GFI MAX RemoteManagement for over a year and it has been a great success with our customers”, said Walter Scott, CEO at GFI Software.

“Acquiring IASO’s technology provides us with a huge opportunity to expand this side of our business, target new opportunities in the MSP community and among businesses that want to reduce the technical and logistical overhead of backup and benefit from the fastest cloud based restore available,” he added.

GFI Software’s customer base spans some 200,000 companies, to which it offers a range of solutions that includes network security, anti-spam, patch management, faxing, mail archiving and web monitoring.

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