Social media and wine connoisseur Gary Vaynerchuk has partnered with WunWun to deliver bottles of wine on demand across New York City, just for today.

In case you haven’t heard, WunWun is a New York-based startup that makes you feel like you have your own personal assistant — it provides both on-demand deliveries like Postmates and all sorts of services, like TaskRabbit (but there’s no bidding involved).

A curious off-shoot from WunWun’s new B2B play, today’s partnership means users can have wine delivered to them that was hand-picked by Vaynerchuk himself, themed for the upcoming Memorial day weekend. If you’re itching for a curated pack of wines brought to you on-demand (and if you’re willing to part with $100), download the app and give it a try.


If you’ve kept your eye on Uber in the past, you’ll notice how similar this experiment is to past initiatives from the company, including the time Uber introduced an ice cream trucks into its app.

For more on WunWun, head here.

Image credit: Getty Images / LOIC VENANCE