Thumb Labs, the New York-based digital agency that developed Behance’s official mobile apps, has announced that it is joining Adobe full time to work with the Behance team. The terms of this deal were not disclosed, but Thumb Labs called it a “talent acquisition” — an acqui-hire, if you can stand the term.

Thumb Labs tells us it has maintained a close relationship with Behance since 2011. Aside from building Behance’s main app, the agency also built Behance’s Creative Portfolio app, which we reviewed here.

Beyond Behance, Thumb Labs has worked on a number of other projects, including the ReadyForZero financial app, a Dribble client dubbed ‘Travveling‘ and BPM, a metronome and tap tempo app.

“Thumb Labs will be blended into the Behance mobile team entirely”

Thumb Labs co-founder Jared Verdi tells us that his entire team, which consists of less than 10 employees, will be joining Adobe and is moving into the Behance offices in Soho. As for their new roles, Verdi simply shared that his teammates will “be assuming continued roles in mobile design & mobile development.”

The Thumb Labs team will begin working with Behance before the end of this month, and expects to complete all existing client work “over the next several weeks.” After that time, Thumb Labs will be blended into the Behance mobile team entirely.

Behance was acquired by Adobe last December. Since then, the popular social network for creatives has received quite a bit of attention from Adobe. It’s noteworthy, however, that Behance’s services have not been modified by Adobe (yet); instead, Adobe has integrated social features from Behance into its upcoming suite of Creative Cloud (CC) branded apps.

Image credit: Thinkstock