Lulzsec’s Topiary: The Internet is a world devoid of empathy

Lulzsec’s Topiary: The Internet is a world devoid of empathy

For the first time, Lulzsec hacker Jake Davis, better known as “Topiary,” has agreed to a public interview. Speaking about his experience with the Anonymous off-shoot and its two month-long hacking spree, Topiary described the Internet as “a world devoid of empathy.”

As you’ll see in the interview, it appears Topiary is exactly the person the public thought he was: a kid who got addicted to the notoriety Lulzsec gave him.

So. Much. Tech.

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Here’s an excerpt from BBC’s interview:

Head here to watch the second clip (hint, it’s located at the foot of the story).

Davis, now 20 years old, was given a two-year sentence today in London; he will, however, only have to serve half of this time. As you may already know, the group had been responsible for a number of incidents, including hacks and DDOS attacks involving Sony Pictures, PBS, Sun, Nintendo and the CIA, among others.

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