Today GoPollGo announced that it has been acquired by Yahoo Mobile. The online polling company hadn’t reached its third birthday. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The service that GoPollGo has operated will be shuttered, with the company noting that it will “no longer be supporting GoPollGo’s properties on the site, embeddable widgets or mobile app.” The company cited its usership as in the millions.

The reason for the pickup is likely talent, given that GoPollGo had developed a mobile version of its technology, and Yahoo is desperate to grow its ranks of mobile developers. As a firm, Yahoo is looking to shift its entire product line towards the mobile space.

Yahoo has been on a bit of a tear lately, picking up a number of small firms. It also announced the purchase of MileWise this morning. It also recently picked up Astrid. Yahoo is not only looking to buy small firms their talent, however, as the company has recently held meetings with online video giant Hulu about a possible acquisition.

According to its CEO, Yahoo has more than 300 million monthly active mobile users.

 Top Image Credit: Yahoo! Blog