If you’ve ever wished you could have more preloaded apps and widgets on your Android device, Sprint has good news for you.

The company has shared that new a “Discover-it Widget” will come preloaded on the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Torque devices, including a one-tap download link for Path.

Path, which recently passed 10 million registered members, has obvious reasons to be excited for this announcement; it’s essentially a steroid shot for the social network’s growing Android user-base. The company told TNW that now “millions of Sprint customers can download Path with just a quick tap, allowing them to easily connect and share with the ones they love.”


Inclusion in this widget will certainly drive downloads for the social networking service, as it will for other featured apps like Amazon, The Weather Channel and Yahoo. Of course, if you’re not keen on preloaded apps, you now have another widget to uninstall.

Image Credit: moniquef12